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Monthly Archives: January 1997

Interview by Melanie, 1/18/97, Phantasy Niteclub with Eric. The band is defunct now.

When did the band form, and how?

June of 1993, me and Dan Baker got together after jamming together for a while. We decided to get together and form a band.

What are your musical influences?

Incantation, Brutal Truth (old, not the new crap), and early Carcass. We put these together in a blender… (grins) The sound just… happens. Comes out unique.

Who writes the music and/or lyrics? Does everyone collaborate?

Dan, the drummer, usually does all the lyrics. We all work together on the material. Whatever happens… we’ll just start jamming a tune, riff, whatever, and it turns into a song. We’re pretty slow at that though.

What do you feel Sodomized brings to the scene?

I think we bring back what the scene used to be in ’91-’92. Fast grind shit. For the CD, we’re trying to negotiate with any label right now that’s interested. Haven’t had any callbacks yet… we’re just working on new material for the next couple months.

So there should be a demo out soon?

Uh… if I get the DAT tape back.

Are you better live? Why should fans see Sodomized live?

We are better live. We put a little more energy into live than you’d expect or get from a studio tape. Our studio tapes also kick out a lot of energy, but you can’t really get the total vibe without the live shit.

How did you get your band name?

I don’t know. I have no idea… it just happened to come out and sounded cool. I didn’t know what it meant when I first picked it!! Actually, it was a song title from a former band I was in.

Any odd/funny show or tour stories to relate?

Well… we played a biker bar… No beer bottles thrown at us. There was no chicken cage, either. Wish there would have been! We didn’t know how to play “Rawhide”, so it kinda sucked… they dug us though, gave us thumbs and middle fingers up! (laughs)

When can the next release be expected?

Hopefully the (third) demo will be out by summer ’97. We’ll be on mini-tours of various parts of the US then… The tour will sell the product. We market the copies ourselves. I think we have sold about a thousand demos so far.

What are your goals and aspirations for the band?

Get signed, go on tour, play out. The rest of the guys will go out partying a lot but I don’t really get into that much.

Any other pertinent words of wisdom for aspiring musicians/bands?

Don’t do it! No, sorry… I’m the smartass of the scene. I don’t know, really… just stick with it. We need more bands out there.

Names of bandmembers and the instruments they play?

Eric – guitars, vocals
Dan Baker – drums
Scott Cunningham – lead guitar
no bassist at the moment!

What is the inspiration for the lyrics?

Pretty much mass media. Horror films, bad porno. Our drummer is like the porno king!