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Monthly Archives: February 1997

The following interview with Doug and Dave was done on February 28th, 1997.

When did the band form and how?

DC: The band formed in 1990, and basically we were just all friends and lived in the same area with the same musical interests.

What do you consider your main influences?

DC: We have too many influences to name! They delve into speed and technicality. We blend them together in our own form of music.

Does everyone collaborate on song/lyric writing?

DC: Basically everyone collaborates on the music.

What do you feel you bring to the scene?

DC: Edge of brutality… Extremity that everyone should want to follow and do better than.

Why is important for fans to see you live?

DC: It’s a pretty heinous display of pretty much everything. The new album’s going to be a lot faster… it’s got a lot of the same style though.
DK: Definitely going to be different. Live, it’s just tight, good, power. We put on a good show, y’know?
DC: It could go either way. Our music, live, it’s different from what you hear on the CD. The big differences are that usually when you hear it live, you’re hearing through a PA system, which gives you a lot more feel for the music than a simple home stereo. For some reason death metal at louder volumes seem to affect a person in different ways. The visual effect of watching someone play this intense music, rather than sitting and listening, really makes you feel it more.

Where did the band name come from?

DC: Basically, the music itself is where it draws its meaning from – crazy and that takes your breath away.

Any funny tour stories?

DC/DK: Too many to name. Every kind of mechanical difficulty you could think of is all that’s happened. As far as I’ve heard, there’s always been a black cloud over Suffocation.

You’d consider playing live shows are important?

DC/DK: One of the big things when you’re working with your record label is to see that you get a lot of promotion. That’s a big key in having sales.

Musical growth?

DC/DK: Not at all, we’ve stayed original all the way. There’s a lot of bands that are good out there – none that I can think of off the top of my head… We’ve played a lot of shows with good bills like Deicide, Dismember, Vader… Vader’s amazing.

Any recording plans?

DC/DK: We’ll be in the studio in April. Put out a 5 song EP…

Do you consider yourself role models?

DC: We’ve heard a lot of demos from a lot of bands out there that sound a bit like us, so but um… actually, we take it as a compliment in a way, so it’s kind of meaningful. Everyone needs to be original though…

What do you get out of touring?

DC/DK: Exposure- more exposure. Lots of exposure. Sell more records, Make some money; we do this thing just to get away. Seeing is believing.

Where do your lyrics come from?

DC/DK: Lyrics? We’re not really a big lyrically oriented band. They just basically deal with reality kinda… Situations and different things that may happen as you live your life out. Fantasy and short little stories too.

What are your future goals?

DC/DK: World domination? That would be nice, no… not with this kind of music. Maybe get some respect like Bach, but not a lot of money. Keep touring, hopefully reach a lot more ears. Reach a lot more people with our music, to appreciate us… to see that we’re not just another band. We’ve been around for about 7 years, we want people to see that we’ll be around and do what we do well. This will be our fourth release.

What are your opinions on on the scene?

DC/DK: The scene is very much alive! There really haven’t been any bands that have come out lately and brought anything new to the scene… One of the latest things is Vader, they’re fuckin’ awesome. Other than that, everyone’s just recycling old shit. Metal’s getting too monotonous… I don’t like people who are just getting people’s attention, jumping into hardcore bands and all.

Any words of wisdom?

DC/DK: Don’t forget to practice! Smoke some pot… feel free to “lose the limits.” Stay original. Work hard at it.

Who plays in the band?

Craig Mullen – vocals
Terrance Hobbes – guitars
Chris Richards – bass
Doug Cerrito – guitars
Dave Kolross – drums