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Monthly Archives: March 1997

The following interview of Lee Harrison was done by Melanie on 3/17/97, and updated with new guitarist Jamie Harris and a reinterview with Lee on 8/23/97.

What are the origins of Monstrosity?

Lee: Well, we formed in August of 1990, more or less… it’s just too long of a story to really tell you the whole thing. Basically, me and our old bass player Mark (Van Erp -ed.) got together and started writing songs. We got George (Fisher -ed.) from Maryland, and then we had another guy we intended to bring in, but it didn’t work out with him, so we ended up getting John (from Malevolent Creation). That was the original line-up. Through process of elimination, we ended up with the line-up we have now:

me (Lee) on drums
Jason Morgan – guitars
Jason Avery – vocals
Kelly Conlon – bass

George went to Cannibal (Corpse -ed.), and Mark went to jail… that’s the way it goes, y’know? We’re still going, can’t let other people’s problems hold you back.

What are your influences? How are they blended?

Lee: Um… very diverse. Various influences… I grew up on 70’s hard rock, then the heavier spectrum of rock. Bands like Kiss, Black Sabbath… then through the 80’s, with all the “heavy metal” shit, then thrash and finally death metal. I listen to a lot of other shit, too, but as far as main influences I’d have to say everything within the family tree of rock, descending down to metal.

Does everyone collaborate on music/lyric writing or do certain members do all of this?

Lee: Mainly, I’ve done all of the lyric writing, out of all the albums so far. George wrote one song with lyrics (on the latest release -ed.) and I did all the rest (lyrics.) As far as music, on the first album, I’d say I wrote 60%-70% the music, and collaborated at the same time w/the other guys. Me and Mark wrote the stuff together. I like the songs where everyone collaborates. It turns out better / more different than just one person and one idea. Usually, the songs get rehashed about a million times before they are considered finished, anyway.

What inspiration is used for lyric writing?

Lee: Looking at the world and thinking about shit, I’d say… trying to see that. Older influences as far as my style of writing? I try to make it more…

Update w/Jamie Harris…

What funny things do you have to contribute to the interview? What are your personal influences?

Jamie: Nothing funny… music? Almost everything but this style of music, believe it or not. I’ve only been playing with them for 3 weeks, so… I’ve never done this style of music before. I have always been a fan… I went to school for jazz. Never had a chance to play (metal) but I’ve always been a fan. It’s cool.