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Monthly Archives: March 1997

Jo chats with Mike LeGros of Disinter, early 1997…

J.G. When did the band form and how?

M.L. Disinter was originally formed in 1991 by Preston and Evil Ed. It broke up for a little while in ’93, and then reformed again in ’95 with the current lineup.

J.G. What are the band’s influences?

M.L. Suffering, torture, death, and the pain of life.

J.G. Does everyone collaborate on the song / lyric writing, or do certain members do all of this?

M.L. Mostly Preston and I write the music, and I’ve been writing most of the lyrics lately.

J.G. Any plans to tour or record soon?

M.L. No tours as of yet, but we are looking forward to doing so. If not the summer of ’98, definitely the summer of ’99. We plan to record 12 new songs in June of  ’98, and the release is tentatively titled “Torn from the Grave”.

J.G. What do you feel you bring to the scene? What do you feel fans can look forward to hearing from you live or on the next recording?

M.L. Dedication and hard work. We feel the live performance (visual) isjust as important as good songwriting and good production. We work hardat brutal stage presence and good sound for our live performances.

J.G. Why is it so important for fans to see you live?

M.L. To feel and see the power.

J.G. What have you gained from touring/ playing live shows?

M.L. A feel for playing live, merchandise sales, and fans that have never seen us play before.

J.G. Any printable funny / “horror” stories to relate?

M.L. No, not yet…

J.G. Where does the band’s name stem from?

M.L. Evil Ed works in the cemetery, and the name fits the band very well. It means to unearth, or remove from the grave.

J.G. When can the next album be expected?

M.L. In the fall of ’98 or early ’99. Right now 11 songs are complete, and there’s one more to finish. Some of the new titles are ‘Holy Parasites’,’Descendants of Darkness’, and ‘In the Wake of Evil’.

J.G. How are your lyrics written?

M.L. I take notes from movies, and arrange them into verse, chorus, and bridge. I then fit them to already-written musical compostitions.

J.G. What lies ahead for the band? What are you future goals?

M.L. World domination, to enslave the dead.

J.G. What are your opinions on the metal scene? Is it growing, underpublicized?

M.L. I love metal, it’s my life. I think the scene has seen it’s better days, and will see them again. As in everything, it has it’s low points and high points. Yes, I feel it’s growing, and yes I think it’s pretty underpublicized.

J.G. Any last words of wisdom?

M.L. Life is fantasy, death is reality, prepare to be Desecrated!

(Note- Thanks to Mike for taking the time out to do this interview. – Jo)
(I remember that this interview was done through snail mail. It was a huge thrill at the time! – MR)