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Monthly Archives: April 1997

Sacred Reich
Sacred Reich is back! Here is an interview by I.M Bleeding with guitarist, Wiley, on April 24th, 1997.

What has Sacred Reich been up to for the last few years?

I had heard that you guys broke up. We have been doing some soul searching and drummer searching (ha ha:-)), We have concluded that the band is still very important to us and we will continue to record. After the “Heal” record, Dave (drummer) felt he needed to make a move. We understand his decision and wish him much luck. You can hear his great drumming on the new “Machine Head” record. We acquired a great drummer out of Boston to tour the “Heal” record with us. The tour started in the US. and lasted six weeks. We went to Europe for six weeks also. The band “Skrew” supported the tour. We had the privilege of playing at the “Dynamo Open Air Festival” in Eindehoven, Holland for the 3rd time. To make a long story a little shorter,… we are now writing for a new record and we hope to record before the end of “97”. The twist is, our new/old drummer is….. Greg Hall, the original drummer from our first four records.

So how is the new “old” line-up working out?

It is very nice to have the original line up again. We have been playing a few shows around town with Greg and things are falling in place real nice. I feel the next record will be a really intense piece of work.

What best describes your musical style on this latest release?

Well, isn’t that for you folks to decide? I think that “Heal” is a well rounded record. It touches our past and future in style and expression.

Do you think heavy music is making a comeback after it pretty much died out over the last few years?

I guess it’s fair to say that. I always felt it was alive, but wounded.

What do you think of the return of the “hair bands”(i.e. Motley Crue, Great White, etc.)???

It’s kinda nice to see there is still a place for them. Hey I might still have work in ten years. (ha ha)

Tell us about your touring plans…

We did tour for the record as I mentioned above. The new news regarding that is that we will be taking a much less active touring schedule. Thats right! A few one off’s here and there maybe, but it will be a long time before we leave for 6 or 8 weeks at a time again. It’s just how we’ve prioritized for now.

Who are your favorite bands right now?

I like the new Tool a lot! I also like some non-metal stuff like (don’t send hate mail) Jewl, Blues Travelers and I’ve really enjoyed the guitar work on the No Doubt record. Sorry….

What do you think about all these right wing, politically correct assholes banning concerts by Marilyn Manson across the country? Is this the start of communism and “big brother” in America?

It’s a fine line between protecting our youth and suppressing our rights. I feel that the banning thing crosses that line. We live and we learn and things get better. Well different anyway.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share with the masses?

I have been enjoying our band for over ten years now. It has always been a learning experience and an exciting journey. These days the Internet and some other cool 90’s innovations have made for new interesting sites,sounds and experiences. This is a cool time to be alive and participating. Thanx for reading this! If you have some free time visit my site. Peace!