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Naphobia, c. 1997
Jo catches up with Nik from Naphobia…

Hail Joanne… Sorry it has taken forever to get this done! Been freaking with Obituary job. I hope we can do others like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Acid Bath and whoever! The Multimedia stuff that’s already together is insane… Well here are the answers to thy interview…

What are the bandmembers’ names, and what instruments do they play?

Nik: Well that’s kinda in the air right now. As I am in the midst of securing the line-up for another release. A few people have fallen out, others have returned. Original guitarist Mike Murphy returns to create music and multimedia in both our projects. For Naphobia we are writing tunes for an Enhanced CD out by years end. For our graphics firm (CyberStars Multimedia Inc), we just completed work for Obituary and Gar Samuelson’s band Fatal Opera. We hope to do MultiMedia jobs for all sorts of bands.

Does everyone collaberate on songwriting, or do certain members do all the work? (If so, who, and why?)

Well usually the guitarist writes the music and I write the lyrics. No reason, that’s just the way we do it.

Describe the lyrical content of some of your songs. Where does the inspiration come from? (Mass media etc… ) Do you have a favorite song that you do?

My lyrics revolve around utter madness. They can mean whatever you think they mean! Subjects might be about Twisted Christians, Fucked Authority, or other subversive elements of our wonderful society! I geuss I like “To Lead Astray” the best. Cool concept, Evil Lyrics…

When is your next album due out? Any set recording dates? I know you were looking for a new drummer. What can fans expect from the new release – any changes from the norm?

I hope to get a demo out by summer, and then an Enhanced CD by year’s end! Eventually I plan on doing a full CD ROM, that even has a storyline and insane artork by my favorite underground artists. I will bring the stuff to life, much like the Naphobia Living Album Cover. Hopefully I will achieve that by the end of the millennium. Much of the script and some character renders have already been worked on. Musicly we will always retain our brutality, but may add some wierd samples or something. Something to embody the term CyberGrind even more!

On a more personal level… Any funny touring / recording / practice stories? Where’s one of the best shows you’ve played, and with whom?

Hmmm? Well we were on our way to a gig in North Carolina with Bloody Mary and the U-haul fell off the back off the Van. The hitch dug into the ground and the trailer did a 360 flip through the air. We made it to the gig, and played on their equipment. All was well! Except for the stuff in trailer… All was fucked! We have done alot of cool gigs with the likes of Napalm Death, At the Gates, Morbid Angel, Grip Inc, Six feet Under, Malevolent Creation and Monstrosity to name a few!

Am I correct in assuming that you do all the artwork for the band? (Including album cover and logo)

In the beginning I had a pen artist named Dale Vied, that drew the original Logo and the Cultivated Innards demo cover. For the CD cover, I used programs like Adobe PhotoShop, Corel, Topas and 3D Studio. We experimented with stuff from all of them. (Me and Mike Murphy) Of Hell is a photo realistic piece of my design. Using a scan of a haunted castle in Ireland, and some gothic imagery from the hands of Gustave Dore. I created what I call the Subliminal Goat. We also turned it into a flying 3D Animation using Topas. It can be downloaded and used as a screensaver, or just to freak out on! Currently I have been working with Finlands Juha Vuorma. He is a fantastic artist that does the most twisted paintings. So my art is to take others art and bring it to life within my machine! Recently I used Adobe to paint in the old Dale Vied logo, with the textures of Juha Vuorma. And I added my own creative ideas of course. The result is the sickest most detailed logo in all of metal. Computer effects like Alien skin, hepled achieve a very realistic look. I’m proud to say that you can view the logo in full screen at Within his Fan Page our logo has been considered to be inspired from Giger work. I must confess!

What are your (and the band’s) musical influences? Anyone special that you’d like to thank?

I like it all, everything from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden to Cannibal Corpse, Death. Underground favorites include ACID BATH (Morrison Lives reincarnated in the Masters Riggs), Luciferion, Obscene Crisis, UnderCroft, Equinox, Insatanity, Fear of God, Crisis…

When did the band form? What other bands have you been in before Naphobia?

We arose from the abyss in the year 1989… I had some cheese bands in Chicago growing up. But none with any significant name.

Who came up with the band name?

Me… Somewhere between NoPhobia and No Phobia I came up with Naphobia! Just to be weird. Some have told me I must have an unnatural aversion to sodium. Ha Ha :)<========>~~~

Any good details about personnel shifts in the band?

Naphobia is a never ending evolution, In both artwork and membership. I am the last die hard, along with Mike Murphy. Mike left before the recording Of Hell. Just cause he had a kid, and those responsiblities. But has got that trick down now. So we are working on all sorts of madness for our band and others. Any other cool activities? I plan on going on a nation wide drummer / ego dork serial killer spree! I figure it will publicize us in a huge way, and we can all be famous from my murders! Beware all ego freaks as I’m gonna get ya! Ha Ha Ha… Actually, it seems that I meet other band’s drummers and I always get along with them. But it seems Naphobia has the evil drummer curse. As all but the Of Hell guy Tony Laureno have turned out to be retards. Tony is cool and we may use him as a session if he is available. Tony gets around as a session dude, and roadies for Cannibal Corpse. Last year he filled in for Malevolent Creation’s drummer, on the Eternal Tour in Europe! Last words? Hail to the UnderGround… All readers must now submit to the Naphobian Borg. Resistence is Futile! Order your copy Of Hell for an eternity of listening torment!!!