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Monthly Archives: June 1997

Mortal Decay
Melanie chats with Kelly from Mortal Decay, 1997.

When did the band form and how?

Well the band was formed in late 1991 by drummer Anthony Ipri and guitarist Anthony Divigenze. They had been buddies for a while and together decided to get a brutal band going and that’s how it started. What do you mean how? Ha ha ha!!

What are your musical and lyrical influences or inspirations, and how do you blend them to sound unique?

Well me personally, my influences vocally were guys in bands that eventually changed their style and disappeared like Jan-Chris, Jorgen, and L.G. Petrov. Nonetheless, the effect they had on me still shows a little. All the members of Mortal Decay have their own influences that don’t exactly pertain to death metal. For instance, Anthony is mostly influenced by jazz drummers personally. We all have some weird influences both death metal and non-death metal and we use them a lot!! It may not be obvious, but they’re there.

What do you feel your band brings to the scene?

Technical, bizzare, eerie, twisted, grinding yet very intense, sick music that the underground fans love to hear. We’re always trying to keep it new and brutal. The way it’s supposed to be which some bands don’t wanna understand. Death/grind fans who are sick of the generic crap that’s flooding the scene will surely love Mortal Decay. We’ve gotten nothing but great responses from our music!!

What do you think of the underground metal scene?

Well, it’s not what it used to be when I started getting into it. I really miss those days. When a couple of hundred kids would show up to a local show even if they’ve never heard of the bands that were playing, just as long as they were death metal!!! In those days, we had a strong and safe scene. Now it looks like the scene is getting weaker and weaker cuz a lot of people make excuses to not go to shows or support the scene the best way they can. There are still many true warriors in this scene who will take the well deserved credit for keeping the scene alive. One day, this scene will blow right back up and return to the days of the late 80’s and early 90’s!! It’s gonna be sick!! And Mortal Decay will be right there waiting!!

First and last names of all members and the instruments they play:

Kelly Izquierdo – Vocals
Anthony Ipri – Drums
John Hartman – Guitars
Joe Gordon – Guitars
Ron Steinhauer – Bass

What are your goals and aspirations for the band?

Basically just to pump out some of the sickest and most twisted death metal around!! Also to get the MD name out there to everybody and play as many shows as possible. The show situation for us has been excellent and we just wanna keep it up. For any death/grind fans who wanna see Mortal Decay play in your city, tell your local death metal promoters to contact us!! We must keep the scene totally heavy to build it back to its full strength of a few years ago you know?? Every death metal fan who calls themself true and loyal must go out there and prove it. We need everybody’s help!! Get off your lazy asses and support your scene!!!!!

Any funny/horror tour/show stories?

Ha ha ha!! Well, the few horror tour stories we have are rather lengthy and would be hard explaining. Luckily nothing too serious but it’s gonna happen sooner or later!! I have some horror stories from my old band but I refuse to give them any publicity. Ha ha ha!!! Other MD funny or show stories are rather personal.

When can your next release be expected?

Well we’re gonna be playing out a lot throughout 1997 and early 1998. We’re aiming to be in the studio again for our next release around late spring. Hopefully for a mid summer release date. Nothing is set right now though.

What can fans look forward to seeing live, and hearing on your releases?

They can look for a totally intense show of non-stop sickness!! They will not leave disappointed we promise. From song to song, nothing but sheer energy and mayhem!! Lyrically bottom line, if you’re not understanding about the natural horrors that consume the world, that can drive people to do gruesome and horrible things againest humanity, horrors of the mind and soul in such an erotic sense at times and in others, disgusting…Then stay away from from listening to us. We might make you afraid or drive you into hysterics!!!!!

Is song or lyric writing collaborative, or do certain members do certain things?

Well Anthony is our twisted lyric writer and I will probably be adding some of my input lyrically on the next release. For now it’s all Anthony’s bizzare thoughts and interests. As for the music, we all put our parts in but John and Joe write most of the actuall riffs. We all are responsible for what we put out.

Any other words of wisdom for the masses?

First off, thanks a lot to you Melanie and everyone involved with Necrosis. Thank you for being true supporters of our brutal scene!! Anyone who has ideas of forming a band, I only have this to say, be leaders, not followers. Have your own sound and style to inject into the underground. If you’re not ready to do this, please, give it up!! We need more ORIGINAL bands and not a bunch of band wagon hoppers. That’s what kills our scene. Keep it new people!!! Be sure to check us out live and check out the website. And make sure you pick up your copy of Sickening Erotic Fanaticism, our 10 song, 55 minute CD out on Pulverizer Records!!!! STAY SICK!!!!