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Monthly Archives: August 1997

The following interview with Mark Ditch was done by Melanie and Jo at the Michigan Metalfest, Aug. 23, 1997

MR: When did the band form, and how?

Uh… a long time ago. Back in ’91 or ’92. Three brothers decided to form a death metal band… we did it, and we were one of the first ones in Toledo, OH… came out, we had an original sound, people were digging it. So, we just kind of made a name for ourselves and we got a good demo out. Back then, we were called Demigod.

MR: What are your influences (musically) and how are they blended?

We listen to a lot of different stuff. Grave and a bunch of different death metal. Other stuff like Ministry and Tool. We incorporate stuff like that to give a different sound, you know? Our sound is a lot different from other death metal bands because we listen to a lot of industrial and alternative bands and blend that.

MR: How do you write your music and lyrics? What is your inspiration?

It comes out naturally. I just jam, and… from what I listen to, it just comes out naturally. Lyrics? Basically, just a lot of horror stuff is what I use for inspiration. With vampyres and stuff. Different things like that…vampyres, werewolves, horror stories.

MR: Who writes the music?

That would be me (smiles).

MR: So you do all the work?

Yeah, I do everything. Music, lyrics; it’s pretty much all me. The two other guys in the band are my brothers, so we’ve got a pretty good part. We’re kind-of unique, I think. I think it’s cool!

MR: How did you get your band name?

Basically it came up. Just from being brutal! It was a death metal name, we just came up with it. It kind-of describes our music: heavy. We also write a lot of gore.

JG: What do you add to the scene?

Well, I think we are pretty original. At a fest like this, where there’s a lot of blast beats and a lot of bands who sound the same, we are groovy. We have a lot of groove (that they bring in -ed.) We stick out in a big crowd. A lot of groove.

JG: When can the next album be expected?

We used to be on Red Light Records, the same label Oppressor was on before they got MIA. We should be putting out that record again soon, re-releasing it, so everyone will be able to hear it again. We also have an album coming out on a (different) Epitaph Records. Not the Epitaph you know, but still. They are putting out our next CD.

MR: Any funny tour/show stories? Care to elaborate?

Not really. (grins nonetheless) We’re not plagued or anything. A septic tank blew up a while ago while we were playing, down in Mexico… that was a couple years ago. There was water (and feces) all over the floor. The kids were forced to wade through this.

MR: Any other words of wisdom for aspiring bands/musicians?

Just… thanks to all the bands who supported us and helped us out. We appreciate it! We are glad to be back playing again.

MR: Names of bandmembers and the instruments they play:

Mark Ditch – bass, vocals
Mike Ditch – guitars
Scott Ditch – drums