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Monthly Archives: January 1998

Sanctorum – Interview with Mike “Gil” Daimon (MGD!) c.1998
Interview by Melanie

When did the band form, and how?

Sanctorum formed in February 1998 by Michael Daimon (ex-Noctuary, Apocrafyx) and Dennis Downey (ex-Apocrafyx) after the demise of Noctuary. After a failed attempt at reuniting with the Apocrafyx drummer, we called Joe Waltz (ex-Noctuary) to play drums. Joe is a full time drummer for us and we consider him an original member.

What are your influences; how do you blend them?

Dennis likes classical music alot. He incorporates it in his writing. He digs everything from Sabbath to Mozart. I grew up with Fate, Zeppelin, Metallica, etc. Everything from jazz to metal. Lately it’s been In Flames, Opeth, Dissection, and other euro-bands. Joe likes alot of Norweigan bands but grew up with your classic 80’s thrash.

What can fans look forward to hearing on your albums and live in concert?

Tracks 2-7 are a story so read the lyrics. The others are a story of their own. Dennis wrote tracks 5 and 8. They’re original classical pieces. If you dig Iron Maiden, Priest, In Flames, and Dissection, you’ll love this CD. (Due out Oct. 31)

What can we as fans look forward to seeing live at your shows?

Alot of energy, bad jokes, metal, and more METAL!!! What have you gained from touring? We would like to do a tour!! We’re thinking about it next summer. We’ve already played Indy and we’re going back Dec 12th to open for Deicide. We have other cities in mind but nothing solid yet. We’ve gained more support for us and a bigger mailing list is always good! Any funny or “horror” stories to relate (like, show problems, gossip, or whatever) … ?? At Indy, Joe used a PA head as a drum stool ’cause the drumstool the other band had was broken. We managed to do a 30 min. set though. So far that’s the only one.

First and last names of bandmembers; instruments they play:

Michael G. Daimon: vocals; guitar Dennis Downey, Jr: lead gutar Joseph Waltz: drums Duane Morris: bass

Who writes the lyrics? The music?

I write the lyrics. Dennis and I switch off writing the music. I have one I do alond and he has some too. But together we accomplish alot. Lately Joe has been writing the new stuff with us. Maybe an EP is in store by Spring 1999.

What is your inspiration for lyrics (content)?

Edgar Allen Poe, certain philosophers, Lovecraft, Rice, Howard (Conan series), etc.

What are your goals for the band?

To conquer!! To bring back originality and headbanging. Any other words of wisdom for aspiring musicians or bands out there? Be original. Study. Listen to everything you can. Mozart, Holst, etc. Invent your style and go with the flow.

Are you still connected to the underground metal scene? What are your thoughts on the underground metal scene today?

The underground is the best source for talent. The media blows. Metal doesn’t need big-time exposure. Market yourself carefully and extensively. The more they see your name, the better. Lineup – Is it refreshing to work with new people? Duane Morris (From the Depths) is filling our bassist spot. He’s been a huge help and we appreciate and respect his talent and opinions. He replaced Rhiannon (Somnus) who played bass for us when we started in early 1998.

Are your goals set for the band acheived yet? What are your future goals and aspirations?

Our goals are to play out as much as we can and reach as much people as we can. We want to bring our style of music to as much people and places as possible.

Do you think the metal scene has changed drastically since you first started playing metal? For the better or worse?

For better more than worse. There are so many kick ass bands signed and unsigned now than ever before. Definitely alot more original bands now. People can write us and we can send them flyers of kick ass bands from all over the globe. Check out my pals in Germany; Cadaver Feast, true noise!!! The Vladimirs in Cincy… horror/punk rules!! And my friends Devour, Somnus and Blood Coven.

What are some of the other bands you’re currently listening to? Any new albums you “dig” and want to recommend?

The Vladimirs, Thorns of the Carrion, Dying Fetus, Bal Sagoth, Emperor, alot of euro-bands.

What do you feel you add personally to the band?

An extra smart ass!! I’m the lighter riff style writer in the band. We have a unique balance of light and extreme heaviness. METAL IMMORTAL. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE. DEATH TO THE MEDIA AND MILLION DOLLAR LABELS.