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Monthly Archives: June 1998

Interview with Joonas
Interview by Jo, for Necrosis Magazine, 1998

When did the band form, and how?

Well it started when ILDOOR was formed in in the begining of 1995, with Joonas on guitar and Johan on Battery (Drums) / Vocals. In the begining of 1996 the serious rehearsing started, and after about a month ex – HYBRID guitarist Peter joined the band. He quit the band in begining of 1997, because of an injury in his hand. The two remaining members of ILDOOR continued the search for suitable musicians, but the lack of those became the end of ILDOOR. (During the time with ILDOOR we only did “porta” recordings and appeared on 2 comp cd’s, which are no longer available, but can be apprehended by sending a tape + stamp) About the same time as ILDOOR ceased it’s existence Patrik and Tomas formed the band, to be named EMBALMER. Johan joined in October 1997 and contributed with both the lyrics and the vocals. While I didn’t do anything at that time, just sat home and played some music. Due to domestic problems just after New Years’ Eve 1997 Johan quit the band (EMBALMER), soon to be followed by Patrik and Tomas. In between, Patrik and I had jammed a couple of times and noticed that we worked very well musically. From the remains of two other bands, namely ILDOOR and EMBALMER, INSISION was formed in the late 1997.

What are your musical and lyrical inspirations? Who or what are your influences?

Well we try to be as original as we can. I make most of the music (with a little help from Patrik), the influences are whatever I listen to like: Hypocrisy, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Old Celtic frost / Hellhammer and old Kreator. Johan writes most of the lyrics with a little help from me and Patrik, You can say that the lyrics are reflections of Johan’s bizzare fantasies. (ah, his sick mind – another one! -ed.)

What are your goals and aspirations for the band? Where will the band lead you?

To get out and gig as much as possible. We play beacause we all love it! It’s a lifestyle and a hell of a way to blow off steam.The nearest plans are to release our first demo, and later on a full-length album or a EP.

Describe a few of your favorite peices of material in content…what are the lyrics about? What “statement” do the songs make?

The fave songs of the moment are: “Restless – Lifeless” and “Meant to Suffer” It’s kind of hard to describe why but I guess it’s because of the aggressions within the music. The lyrics are mostly about murder, death and other stuff we find interesting.

Where did the band name come from?

Hmmmm… Actually we took it randomly from a dictionary. We found it quite suitable for the music we create.

What are the names (first and last) of your current members, and what instruments do they play?

Well the line-up right now is:
Patrik Muhr / Guitars
Tomas Daun / Battery (Drums)
Joonas Ahonen / Guitars
Johan Thornberg / Vocals

Any funny or “horror” stories to relate?

Well we have one “horror story”. (!!)

When our rehearsing place got almost flooded!? We were inside playing as usual, waiting for Patrik to arrive – so we didn’t lock the front door.

When I were on my way to have a ciggarete I opened our door we noticed that there was 2 inches of water in the whole corridor. Someone had opened a high pressure water tap and the drain was stuffed with sand and shit, and the water had nowhere else to go, so we had to get it out with our bare hands! SO WHOEVER DID IT!!?. FUCK OFF….

Any other words of wisdom for aspiring musicians or bands out there?

When you reherse keep you out doors looked or you might get flooded! Raise some hell..!

What is your opinion of the metal scene – is it dying out, or is it alive but sadly underpublicized?

The last two years bands have popped up like mushrooms, sounding just like the bands before them. I guess the worst black metal wave has passed now. We have nothing against new bands (like ourselves – ed.) It’s just that you get a little bit tired of band which sounds the same.

What do you feel you add to the scene?

A bit of variation?

When can we expect your next release? What can we expect to hear from this?

A demo in a very near future, released by Metal Storm Productions which is my own Distro / Label.

Are you looking forward to touring? What would you expect to give, and to gain, from touring?

We haven’t planned any bigger tours yet, but we’re going to play around in Sweden to start with.

What inspired you to become musicians, a certain event, a favorite album, or what? What keeps you motivated?

Music has always been a huge part of our lives. So, it’s quite natural we started to play. As long as we enjoy it we’ll continue doing that.


We would like to thank all of those who have supported us this far, and for not giving up on DEATH METAL. You can obtain the demo from Metal Storm Prod. For 6 us $. Thanx for the interview!