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Monthly Archives: July 1998

Evilution : Interview with Joshua Pratt
Taken after the Ohio Deathfest by Carolyn Wheeler (Torture Chamber Music reviews) and Melanie (Necrosis), 1998

When did the band form, and how?

Joshua Pratt: Evilution was conceived back in 88 possibly 89. How? I don’t know, possibly when a few dumbfucks decided to get together and start a band or something of that nature!

What are your musical and lyrical inspirations? Who or what are your influences?

JP: Bad trips, and an enormous fascination for the obscene are the consolidated inspirations of my polluted mind. Actually, I must include Tom Araya into the mass of filth of my mind one would call inspiration.

Describe a few of your favorite pieces of material in content… what are the lyrics about? What “statement” do the songs make?

JP: The Majority of the songs on “Shine” are anti-religious with a very strong focus on Christ in particular. As far as any statement is concerned, I personally just consider the atmosphere of the lyrics purely fictitious.  I am not a spiritual or religious, “spiritually religious” person nor do I claim any particular vision of belief as fact. So to present the lyrical aspect of the band in the form of a statement would be to contradict myself.

Where did the band name come from?

JP:  I think that’s the egg-man’s invention.

What are the names (first and last) of your current members, and what instruments do they play?

JP: Kerry and Egg (Guitar), J.Y. (Bass), Beans (Drums), St. Hashish

Any funny or “horror” stories to relate?

JP: I don’t know, but Northern New England, particularly Maine is pretty bugged the fuck out!

Any other words of wisdom for aspiring musicians or bands out there?

JP: The real mother fuckers, know what time it is. All the fake, faggot, punk mother fucker’s need to get the fuck outta dodge, for domination quickly comes!

What do you feel you add to the scene?

JP: I don’t think that we’re so great, an “ungodly” and fuck everybody’s shit up, or anything even close to that. But we’re out there bustin our asses for the shit that we love, and to me, that is the shit that counts.

When can we expect your next release? What can we expect to hear from this?

JP: New release? Hmmm… maybe in a year. Who knows? Maybe you know, and you’re not tellin me! All the songs on “Shrine…” are about 2 and a half years old now so that would make us 2 and a half years better. Fuck that!  The new shit is gonna be brutal as fuck, East Coast tape shit cause I’m so fuckin Old School Yo!!!

Part 2

Are you still connected to the underground metal scene? What are your thoughts on the underground metal scene today?

JP: Metal is my life! I’m so fucking metal I got two gold toof’s and a steel plate in my head Goddammit!! As far as the scene goes, I got’s nothin but love for all my brothers and sister’s in the world who are down by law, hardcore into the scene.

Lineup – if you have had changes in personnel, what have been the reactions to this from fans, the media, and your label? Is it refreshing to work with new people?

JP: Well… the most recent addition to Evilution has been myself, and I am quite content with the reaction to the change. As far as the media and Pure Death Records are concerned, I barely get involved in any of that, so therefore, it wouldn’t be right for me to speak upon that which I do not fully comprehend.

Are your goals set for the band achieved yet? What are your future goals and  aspirations?

JP: Previous goals have been set and are still being achieved. Future goals include obtaining a Venom shirt so I can get that Old School look again!

How are your lyrics written, and who writes them? Are they influenced by books, movies, real life etc…?

JP: John wrote all of the lyrics on the “Ritual…” and “Shrine…” demos.  I will be writing the majority of the lyrics here on in. John, as is evident on “Shrine…”, is totally into the Christ bashing, anti-religious thing, as well as magic, and things pertaining to magic. I personally don’t fuck with Jesus really considering that Yahweh himself is the source. Jesus was merely a piece of the picture and not a threat at all. To me, the ultimate blasphemy is not to attack the creation, but the creator himself.  Aside from all that, other topics will include being in execration, disease, and my personal favorite, genocide. Did I mention I was single?!

Why is it so important for fans to see you live? What can they expect at a typical show?

JP: The main reason people should come to see us is because we hand out free drugs back stage, n*gga!!!

Do you think the metal scene has changed drastically since you first started playing metal? For the better or worse?

JP: Well, when people start considering “Bush” Rock & Roll, “Green Day” Punk, and “Tool” Metal, I suppose it would be quite safe to assume that things are surely headed in a very fucked up direction, but then again, these people are of the weakest caliber, and as I mentioned before, domination quickly comes!

What are some of the other bands you’re currently listening to? Any new albums you “dig” and want to recommend?

JP:  Lately I have been indulging in the horrors of Dehumanized, Malignancy, Sintury, Descend, Devourment, The Dead Youth (who by the way, destroy Usurper!) and about 90 million other brutal death metal bands in the world! I recommend them all!! Especially to those faint of heart!  (Death to all you fake fucks with eternal possession and conviction!)

What do you feel you add personally to the band?

JP: The appearance of yet another dumbfuck!