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Monthly Archives: February 1999

Cold Coffin Magazine Interview with vocalist Zion of Disinter, Feb. 1999

CC: Where have you been hiding the last couple of years?

Z: Within the graves of Chicago, IL, creating our next plague of Death Metal Disease.

CC: What is the latest on the rumors that you will be releasing your next album soon?

Z: This is true. We are planning on entering the studio in June and soon thereafter of 1999.

CC: What kind of musical direction can we expect from you guys in the future, now that extreme metal is trying to make a comeback?

Z: Our newer material is a little different than the ‘Desecrated’ material. But, still keeping in with the Disinter style. A lot of it is faster and more technical, with some slow compositions as well. We’re keeping the eerie, spooky feeling still, as well.

CC: Has it been easier or more difficult of late to keep the band together? Any membership changes you’d like to make fans aware of?

Z: There have been some lineup changes in the band as of late. I joined with Disinter in April of 1998, on vocals. The band has now parted ways with long-time drummer Dave. Our new skin grinder is Tom. Everyone is very pleased with the way things are going now; our drive is charged.

CC: What lyrical approach can we expect on the next release?

Z: Witchcraft and voodoo, zombies, and the exquisite feeling of torment.

CC: Who does most of your writing (both lyrics and music)?

Z: Mike has done most of the lyric writing. I will start writing lyrics after the new album is recorded. Everyone writes music in the band collaboratively.

CC: What is your favorite part about being in the band: studio recording, live performances, or other activities?

Z: This is what I have always wanted to do, so I enjoy almost everything about the band. Playing live is my strongest point. Writing to fans, and ‘zines, is great also.

CC: What kind of stuff have you guys been listening to lately?

Z: Iron Maiden, Cryptopsy, Dissection, Vader, Judas Priest, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Hypocrisy, and select classical pieces.

CC: Tell us about two of your favorite compositions that appear on your latest release.

Z: Our latest release was the “Torn From The Grave” EP which contained 4 new songs, and 6 older ones, and was for promotional purposes. I like “Followed From Death”, which is about a spirit trapped in the Astral plane, waiting to hitch a ride back to life, from a <human’s> near-death experience. I also like “Descendents of Darkness”, which is based on the movie “Demon Knight”.

CC: Do you have any new material in the works?

Z: Yes, we have 12 to 14 compositions for the next album, and there are also already songs written for our third full-length release.

CC: How has the response been from previous releases?

Z: Excellent. The ‘Desecrated’ CD has been sold out for quite a while now, and we’re working on a repress. The “Torn From The Grave” EP is now sold out as well! Both have recieved great responses, and we have recieved mail from all over the world.

CC: Where do you guys call ‘home’?

Z: Chicago, IL – except for myself. I live in Sterling, IL which is about 120 miles west of the city.

CC: Any touring plans or upcoming shows we should know about?

Z: Well, in April, we’re doing a show with the Vader, Cryptopsy, Gorguts tour at Smiler Coogan’s in Chicago. That will probably be our first show with our new drummer Tom. Later this year, we will be doing a lot of shows as well as some state to state touring.

CC: What do you think of the Internet as a tool for reviving the International Underground?

Z: I think it helps quite a bit. But personally… I don’t trust computers.

CC: How is Pulverizer treating you? Is there a negative side to dealing with a label?

Z: We’re not with Pulverizer anymore. It wa a one-album deal with them anyways. Labels just want to make money off of you. A lot of labels don’t care about their bands: they just see the dollar signs.

CC: Give us your theory on what is destroying extreme metal – and what is keeping it alive.

Z: An overabundance of bands, most of which are totally fake (is killing it). The true metal bands that support their local scene, and the underground, as a whole, that stick around and prove their worth (are what is keeping it alive). Speaking as a consumer, I don’t usually purchase a lot of new stuff because I’m usually dissappointed.

CC: What’s the metal scene like in Chicago?

Z: The scene here is good. There are some great bands and a lot of supporters.

CC: What do you think of cnsorship and concert-banning in America?

Z: The more they censor and reject this type of music, the more the people will flock to it. Almost everything these stupid church-related groups do, backfires on them. They are all negative idiots.

CC: Lineup please?

Mike : Guitar
Zion : Vocals
Preston : Guitar
Bats : Bass
Tom : Drums

CC: Any last words of blasphemy, hatred, and disgust?

Z: Thank you for the interview. A dark hail to our metal brothers, and all our fans, worldwide. Look for our new album “Welcome to Oblivion” this summer/fall! HAIL METAL!