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Monthly Archives: May 1999

Melanie talks briefly to Ville Laihiala, vocalist of Sentenced, May 1999

MR: Greetings Ville! Thanks for your patience on the interview. When did the band form and how?

VL: Depresso, Melanie! The band was formed in 1989 in Northern Finland, a place called Muhos to be exact, by Lopakka, Tenkula and Ranta. Taneli Jarva joined the band a little bit later to play bass and sing but stepped out in early ’96 and that`s when i stepped in and took over the vocals. Our session bass player Sami Kukkohovi became a full member in the beginning of ’97 and that`s the Sentenced today.

Ville Laihiala (vocals)
Miika Tenkula (guitar)
Sami Lopakka (guitar)
Sami Kukkohovi (bass)
Vesa Ranta (drums)

MR: Describe two of your favorite songs and their composition and key elements fans should listen for.

VL: I guess two of my favourite Sentenced songs have to be “Dead Leaves” and “Nepenthe”. I cannot really tell you anything about the composition of “Nepenthe” because I wasn`t in the band at that time and there really isn’t any exciting story behind the composition of “Dead leaves”. Those two are my favourites for 3 reasons; the lyrics, the melodies and the feelings that I get from those songs.

MR: How well, do you find, the band has matured and evolved since the beginning?

VL: Musically, a lot. From brutal death metal to this “suicide rock” or what ever you wanna Sentenced, Livecall it… but we`ve grown as musicians too and espesially during these last 3 years. And good example for that is our latest album “Frozen”. I think you can really hear that there is a “band” playing there. We`ve done a lot of touring and played a lot of shows and that has defenately left it`s mark on us. The playing is much tighter and everybody knows what they`re suppouse to do. And not just musically, we`ve grown as persons too I guess. Learnt from each other and together.

MR: Do you feel that the bands have a relatively large fanbase, so that there is pressure on you to impress and keep it interesting?

VL: Yes, I guess the fanbase is growing album by album but we don`t think of it as pressure upon us or anything like that. First of all; we make music for ourselves… what i mean is that we have to like it first and really believe that we have given it all we got and then when you put out and album you totally love and see how people listen to it, relate to it or whatever… beats any fucking drug there is!

MR: If you could tour with with any 4 other bands, who would they be?

Type O Negative (they’re just brilliant…)
Metallica (they pull lot of people and I used to like them a lot…)
Faith no more (r.i.p.)
Iced Earth (Great band, great guys…)

MR: What do you feel your band brings to the scene?

VL: Ourselves… and sometimes sober.

MR: What do you think of the underground metal scene?

VL: I`m not really into following any scenes.

MR: What are your goals and aspirations for the band?

VL: To keep on growing as a band and as musicians.