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Monthly Archives: December 1999

Morgue Supplier
This interview was conducted on 12/8/99 by Melanie.
All responses to these questions were given by the band as a whole.
Formatting left intact at the band’s request.

MR: What is your present lineup?

Bats – Drums
Paul G. – Vocals
Moe – Vocals
Paul V. – Guitar
Bill – Bass
Rob – Guitar

MR: Can you relate the history of the band?

— Morgue Supplier is a Chicago-based band. The band started in March of ’97 under the name of “Jugular Appetizer”. We decided to change the name to “Morgue Supplier” in July of ’99. The lineup originally consisted of Paul G. (Vocals) (ex-Crematorium/Embodied vocalist), Bats (Drums) (current Disinter bassist and ex-Crematorium/Embodied drummer), Paul V., and Johnny Wanker (Guitar) (ex-Eye Gouger drummer).

That was the original lineup that started things on their way. We obviously needed a bassist though. We ran across a guy named Tom (ex-Crepitus guitarist). We jammed for a while but ended up parting ways. We needed a bassist once again. Paul G. and Bats ran into a couple of guys named Bill and Moe from the now defunct Body Bag. Paul G. and Bats had played shows with Body Bag back in ’93 & ’94 when they were in Crematorium and Embodied. We started jamming and it sounded good having two vocalists and a fresh, new bass player. No real problems occurred until early ’99 when we parted ways with Johnny Wanker for various reasons. We went without a second guitarist for a while but decided we wanted another. In June of ’99 we hooked up with Rob and are currently working with him.

MR: What are your musical and lyrical influences?

— Here is some shit that has influenced us. Possessed, Celtic Frost, D.R.I., Black Flag, Cryptopsy, Brutal Truth, Bathory (old), Death (old), Cryptic Slaughter, Samhain, Suffocation, Slayer, Pungent Stench, Autopsy, Destruction, Obituary, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Blood Feast, Misfits, and Suicidal Tendencies (really old).

MR: What styles and genres of music do you listen to outside the style you play with the band?

— Many, many different, but here are some of them. Scorn (Mick Harris), Eyehategod, Portishead, Type O Negative, Plastikman, Rush, Bach, Geto Boys, Mad Season, Jimi Hendrix, Underground rave music, Cypess Hill, Bob Marley, Buzzoven, Simm, Godflesh, Buckethead, The Doors, and Elvis to name a few.

MR: What do you think of the underground scene? How do you think it has changed during the years of your involvement?

— Some of us have been into the underground scene (most of us) since the early 80’s, so we have seen lots of shit. There are still many good bands out there but the scene in general kind of sucks. Too many idiots thinking they’re cool for shitty reasons. The (New) Black Metal scene definitely is shit in our opinion. It is boring and stupid. Granted there are some very talented and good musicians (especially drummers) and bands in that scene, but the whole thing in general makes us puke.

MR: What’s the scene like in Chicago nowadays?

— We’re not really all that interested in the scene. There are some good bands around here, but there are some real idiots too.

MR: What are your current goals and aspirations?

— Smoke bongs, put a c.d. out, stay out of prison, play shows, fuck sluts, smoke more bongs, get some shirts and merchandise out there, fight during shows and smoke even more bongs.

MR: When can your debut release be expected?

— March 2000. Give or take.

MR: What can fans look forward to, when seeing you play live?

— Violence.

MR: Is songwriting collaborative, or do certain members do certain things?

— Bats writes a majority of the music, while Paul G. writes the lyrics and vocal patterns. The others have their input also.

MR: Where did you get your band name? Who came up with the idea?

— The name came from Paul G. The name came from a scenario in Paul G.’s mind.

MR: Do you find it hard coming up with original material?

— No. Bats is a riff machine, and Paul G. always has lyrics.

MR: Who would you say, within the realm of extreme/death metal do you sound least like?

— Six Feet Under.

MR: Is anyone else besides your drummer involved in another band?

— No. Why? Don’t worry about it!

MR: Bats, what do you enjoy about the drums versus the bass? Would I be comparing, theoretically, apples to oranges if I asked ‘is it harder to play drums or bass’, in the studio or live?

— The feel of the strings on the bass as you play it is a great feeling and to play the bass alongside a drummer is great. Going through the workout is a good feeling, and the feeling of ‘running in place’ is cool. Also, the feeling of playing the beat (backbone) is great. Playing the drums is also a very good way to get some of your aggression out. As far as what is harder to play; it varies from song to song.

MR: What is the funniest thing you have seen lately?

— Some stupid bitch cut off Bill while he was driving down the expressway and she ended up losing control and running directly into a cement construction barrier at about 75 m.p.h. It would have been even funnier if Melanie was sitting in the toll booth eating a piece of chicken.

MR: If you could tour with any 4 bands, who would they be?

— (Active bands)
2-Morbid Angel
3-Anal Cunt
4-Cannibal Corpse.
— (Disbanded)
2-Brutal Truth
3-Pungent Stench

MR: What do you think your band brings to the scene?

— Lots of problems.

MR: What kind of musical direction can we expect from you guys in the future now that extreme metal is trying to come back?

— If anything, more extreme.

MR: What do you think of the internet?

— It helps to get shit out to other people and places.

MR: You’re unsigned. The expression or euphemism for that these days is “independent release artists”. What do you expect to gain should you become signed?

— Distribution of CD’s, shirts, merch, etc., tour support, and most importantly the rights to our music.

MR: Any parting words of wisdom to the masses, fans and or bands?

— Hello, hello water, hello my little water.