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Monthly Archives: January 2000

Melanie talks to Matt (Moyer), c.2000

MR: Talk a little about what went into the making of your new material. What are your favorite elements within?

MM: The new material has as always been a collaboration of our members as a whole. Each of our members excels in writing different types of material. I excel a writing the bigger beefy riffs. You know, the ones that grind your way into your memory.. Lukas writes most of the off tempoed riffs that are in weird time signatures that take a mathematical genius to figure out. We normally  use these to break up the songs so there not the same old boring 4/4 tempoes used by so many death metal acts. Matt Davis is the speed burner: when the song calls for a blistering tempo change, we call on Matt to fry our brains with burning speed and agression. Al has been writing two or three drum parts and we have been picking what he and the rest of us think the material needs. I normally direct this effort together into a new piece of music. With over three years of music theory under my belt, this falls on my shoulders. Lukas has complete control over all lyrics, which tell of many of his own philosophies, mainly on the subject of religion. My favorite aspects of the new material are the big smash face tempo changes. Imminent Sacrifice, for instance, starts out very slow and ominous. Then all of a sudden the tempo smashes this mood to dust as the rhythm snaps your neck. After that the violence intesifies even further into a whirling turmoil that constantly builds to the demise of the song.

MR: On your present lineup, what happened to Shane?

MM: Shane has been in this business a lot of years. Over those years people change. Due to his other responsibilities, work, family, he had less and less time for the band. This was holding the band back. We knew it and so did Shane. Subsequently we knew it was time to part ways. He will be sorely missed as a drummer and as constant entertainment!

MR: Your new drummer is Al, “for the time being” he says. Will he participate in songwriting? What do you feel he brings into the band?

MM: Al has already participated in some rewriting of some drum parts. He has a totally diferent style of drumming than Shane. So we gave him free rein (at our discretion) to do what he thought he could with our present set list. Al is a true drum technician and is very imaginative when writing parts. He can do a number of different things to make the material more interesting and much more violent. Shane was more of a straight ahead power drummer. Al does alot of different rolls and fills to make things more chaotic. Al however will be only temporary and we are currently searching for a new drummer.

MR: Describe a few of your favorite songs and their composition.

MM: My current favorite is a new one called Imminent Sacrifice. It starts out very slow with a haunting melody line.. It has a definate old Slayer feel. It builds into a three part hamony between the guitars and bass, with the bass up high playing a killer bass line that is really like a third guitar. Then, Lukas shreads everything with vocals. The lyrics in the end of the first verse are “Sucking dick to save your life, on your knees for jesus christ”. Then the main driving riff of the piece, which I wrote, kicks in, and grinds till it builds into total chaos. Things come back together thereafter when the chopping chorus rears its head. After that there’s a very nice speed riff with some totally off beat breaks within. The song has alot of tempo and feel changes wich make it very interesting so it’s not the same old thing. We try to stress an equal balance in all our composing to keep things interesting and ever changing.

MR: What’s the deal with LNL/Epitaph Records? Are you formally “signed” to them, or is it a distro deal, or … ??

MM: No, we were never formally signed. A deal was worked out where we would be able to shop our material around, and if no one bit, then we would go with LNL.

MR: What do you think of the present (underground) metal scene?

MM: I think its making a come back to the heydays of the early 90’s. I think that rap music has ruined a whole generation of would be metalheads, and that this so called rap metal is a sorry excuse for true metal. Everyone wants to do things the easy way these days using digitally created crap, instead of studying music and composing, and studying and playing instruments. The turn table and the sampler are not fucking instruments. A turntable is something to listen to metal on!

MR: Is song or lyric writing collaborative, or do certain members do certain things?

MM: Lukas does have complete control over the lyrics. I have named a few songs and written a few lyrics mostly just to give the songs direction. I usually compose the songs. That means I put the songs together and direct where I feel the song should go. I write alot of the big chunky or groovy type riffs. Lukas writes alot of the offbeat crazy time signatured chaotic riffs. Matt Davis writes alot of the speed burning blast riffs. We all colaborate on drum parts to find out what we feel fits the song the best.

MR: Which show was your favorite show to play?

MM: Probably Michigan Death Fest 4 (1995?). Things were really rolling back then. We had an excellent time slot and people just freaked about us.

MR: What is the funniest thing you have seen lately?

MM: A band (unknown name) that played a Halloween show with us. They were the worst band I have ever seen! They never made it through a whole song, and just made total asses of themselves. In the end the bass player got fed up and screamed ‘bass solo take one’! He flops all over this bass in some undicernable mess of bullshit! It was fuckin’ ugly!

MR: Any funny/horror show stories? (brace yourselves for the Whit’s End.. – ed.)

MM: We booked a show at a club in Toledo called The Whit’s End. Master was coming through town that night and was headlining. When I got to the club, all the staff had quit the night before, except for one lady bartender. No sound man, no doorman, nothing! So I ended up working the door. We called a friend of ours to run sound. He couldn’t find any microphones. Ends up they were in a lockbox under the bar! We end up with a killer turnout despite everything. Then this bunch of punks started sneaking in the back and hangin out on a deck out back. Next thing ya know they’re gettin a little rowdy and start throwin’ bottles out in a busy street. So before the cops show up I decide something needs to be done. I go up there and tell them they need to relax, they tell me to turn around and go home you long haired faggot! Needless to say I went and got my cronies about fifteen of them or so, and we proceed to go up and take care of business. I then realize that there’s about 50 people up there. While we’re all having words the barmaid comes running out and starts gettin into it with one of the punks then he hauls off and hits her. All hell breaks lose! Shane drops a monster right on some dude. One of the dudes from Reflections Of Death goes down at my feet with two guys on him. I grab one of the guys by the eye sockets, he comes up screaming, takes a swing at me. I blocked and wrapped my arm in behind his head, and DDT’D him full force into a picnic table. There were bottles flyin’ everywhere. I kept on smackin’ this punks head in to the table. I hear someone yellin ‘get him off him get him off him’. I thought ‘man, one of my boys must be gettin fucked up’. Then I realized that they were trying to get me off their boy! I was getting kicked and punched from all angles! Then somthing caught me across the back hard, then again, I thought ‘man I ain’t takin that shit a third time.’ I jumped up and there is this punk standing overtop of me smacking me across the back with a fuckin pool cue. He’s stunned as fuck when I stand up so I smack him in the head with the pool cue. I look around and I’m all alone! So I get the fuck out of there! My back had some big ass welts all the way across it!! Sixteen cops showed up to clear the place out, and the show still went on!

MR: How well, do you find, the band has matured and evolved since the beginning?

MM: We’ve all matured in leaps and bounds. Lukas has evolved from a mediocre bass player to a force to be reckoned with. His writing has become phemonenal he never ceases to amaze me with fresh sounding riffs in phsyco time signatures. His vokills have changed from a low range growler to a full range of highs and lows from the classic aka Chris Barnes barking to black metallish highs. I personally have matured in my writing skills and comunications skills to get across what I mean to the rest of the members of the band. My overall playing has improved; I have strengthened my style of playing. Matt (Davis) has grown amazingly into a deathmetal guitar player with great speed and has learned to push himself to new heights. The band has evolved in to a much tighter band with a style its own. Brutal as fuck one minute and grinding your brains the next.

MR: What are your goals and aspirations for the band? Any plans to record in the near future?

MM: We need to record our new material for release asap! Line up changes and slacking of certain ex-members have held this band from recording it’s new material. Now we are going through lineup changes in the drumming spot. We have although found a new drummer, Jim Johnson, ex-Kastrophy drummer, and long time friend- will be coming out of retirement and should work out well as a full time member. He will be taking over the drums after the Cannibal Corpse show on Feb. 19. As soon as he’s comfortable with the new material and gets to put his input in on a couple of ufinished tracks we’ll hit the studio!

MR: If you could tour with with any 4 other bands, who would they be?

MM: Cannibal Corpse, Grave (early 90’s), Disincarnate, Death (Spiritual Healing)..

MR: Shall the lyrics remain a shrouded mystery?

MM: The lyrics will probably be released if we rerelease some of the old tunes. This was talked about as a package with the new material as a bonus.

MR: Any last words?

MM: All you fuckers who listen to death metal stay brutal. Never sell out as true deathmetal bands will never sell out! Stay brutal and support all that is brutal. Go to your local shows and support your local acts! Support your local record stores to keep the brutal shit selling. DEATH FUCKIN METAL SHALL NEVER DIE!!!