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Monthly Archives: June 2000

Retro Time!
Melanie speaks to Judson, the North Shore Terrorist, 2000
about Disinter, 1991-1993ish

MR: What was the Chi-metal scene and Disinter like back in 1991-1994?

It’s hard for me to say. I was more or less trapped in the North Shore without a lot of exposure to what was happening in Chicago at the time. Mind you, I was also 16 and had no car. Around then my group, Black Mass, was playing some places in Chicago and I had met people here and there and got a reputation for being a good, fast drummer. Until meeting Tom Tangelos and Preston my idea of heavy metal was Obituary and maybe Napalm Death. I was more into punk really. Anyways, long story short, the guys in Disinter turned me on to pretty much everything grind/death related.

MR: What was the “original original” lineup when you first started? How bad was the “revolving door”?

Haha, it was actually the same lineup for about a year, me on drums, Jay bass, Eddie vox, Tom and Preston guitars. Tom got pinched and this crazy guy, Fred, I think replaced him. He was the one who played on our first 9 song record.

MR: Name 5 people from the 1991-1994 Chi-metal scene and mention where they were, and are now …

See above. I didn’t make a lot of friends, mostly because I was 17 and completely freaked out by a lot of them. My best memory is my parents coming down from Lake Forest to see us play with Eyegouger at The Crypt. So picture my mom and dad, trying their best to be supportive in their golf sweaters in this shitty little bar, watching Eyegouger introduce songs like “____ the Chocolate Starfish” and whatever else.

MR: What musical goals did you guys have in mind back then and did you meet them?

To play our 9 songs over and over again until somebody passed out drunk. Then we’d just play the slower ones.

MR: What do you think of the new material as compared to the old material, which you were involved in?

It sounds mature, and definitely way more thought out then anything I had ever done with them. We were just getting high and drunk and doing whatever came easiest really, I had never thought they’d be doing this almost 10 years later and doing it this well. I’m happy to say they’ve proven me wrong.

MR: Where/how did you record the first album?

Renwood Studios in Kenosha. 1″ 16 track on an old TAC Scorpion board. We tracked and mixed in 10 hours. It should be noted that the studio floor had about 8 inches of padding on it, so I’m their trying to play this 200bpm 16th note kick drum shit with a double pedal on a trampoline. Whatever, we’d get 90% of a song right and move on, thinking out loud “well, that’s about as tight as we ever play it!”

MR: Did you jam out Steppenwolfe covers? And who’s Lake Forest basement was the famed practice spot in? (and just be glad it didn’t get charred)..

I don’t think we ever did any covers, at least none intentionally. I really wanted to do a grind version of ‘Suicide’s An Alternative’ to give a nod back to the music I really came into the fray from, but it never happened.

The basement was in my parents house, who, despite being avid golfers and not the biggest Deicide fans in the world, were supportive of me.

Yes, my mom did look a little pale the first time Jay’s beat to all shit Ford Escort pulled up in the driveway and these four 23-30 year olds came spilling out amidst a haze of pot smoke. And I’m sure they had better things to do on a Saturday then listen to ‘Tortures of the Damned’ 55 times. But they persevered.

MR: Did you guys play at Smiler Coogan’s?

Yes, we did actually. I think in about 1992 or 1993. My last show with them was at The Crypt in 1993. I was going to college in NY, so it was hardly fair to make them wait around for me. In addition, we played many Chicago area shitholes and parties.

MR: Remember when Preston’s dreads were only to his chin?

Hahaha… You know what? In all fairness, the guy was really really cool to me. When you look at it, here’s this little 17-year old brat from the suburbs and he could have been a total dick, but he was never anything but really cool with me. I think we each recognized that each other had legitimate talents and that was that. It’s not every day you see that, there are a lot of grind and death bands that just flat out suck. They can’t even regurgitate the same shit that 763456 other groups have been doing for years. I guess it’s hard to break out of the drop-g tuning, cookiemonster/cindybrady vox, and typewriter kick drums thing for a lot of groups still.

MR: What other bands did you guys have going? What projects are STILL going?

I’m involved with a lot of (electronic) hardcore and drum+bass. I don’t use much in the way of real instruments anymore except for playing my own kit. I’d still like to cut a project with Preston at some point with him on guitar and let me do all the programming. Like if Godflesh was still good and decided to have a coke party with Eyehategod and Acid Bath over 2 pints of 151. That kinda thing. The label I’m on (Collision Substance NYC)’s first 12″ release was a drum+bass colaboration between Kurt Gluck and Mick Harris (of Napalm Death fame) that shook people up pretty hard.

MR: How influential was Eyegouger on the old Disinter stuff and vice versa?

Eyegouger was more…. Shall we say… Out there? I think Disinter were trying to be more of that witch costume fucking “oooohhhhh we’re scary” columbine rock thing and Eyegouger just wanted to do a bunch of 10 second songs about sodomozing the handicapped. I did a punk rock group in college called ‘Syphillupagous’ that definitely had the Eyegouger tongue planted in the gg allin cheek. We did all sorts of shit like them, panty hose over the face, luciador masks, etc. Songs about stalking people and 8 year olds getting battery acid enemas. Just for laughs. I guess the weed in NYC is stronger than most people bargain for.

MR: Why’d you leave? (and why weren’t you in the bio?)

I don’t think they really considered Disinter it’s current incarnation until I had left. Up until then I guess it was more the formative years. As I said before, I left solely because of me not living in Chicago at the time. If the new drummer wants to let me up there for an old track or two at the next Smiler’s show I’ll bring my own snare and sticks. Don’t worry, I’m not after his job.