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Monthly Archives: July 2000

Regurgitation, 2000
Brian speaks to Melanie (via e-mail)

MR: What is your present lineup?

BB: The current line-up for the Nation is “brutal” Ben Deskins on guitar and vokills, Brian “bastard” Baxter on bass and vokills, and graveyard Dan Baker on drums. We definitely like hearing from everyone, especially girls who take the cheese. Get in touch.

MR: Can you give me a brief history of the band?

BB: I could but who gives a shit anyway? Just kidding. Haha. Regurgitation was Conceived Through Vomit by Ben and Tony. (Tipton, ex-guitarist. -ed.) They later put out a demo. Then Brian and Dan joined the band, and ‘Tales of Necrophilia’ was recorded awhile after that. I think all that’s in the right order!?

MR: What are your musical and lyrical influences?

BB: Brian and Dan are highly influenced by weed. Ben usually gets under the influence of Jack Daniels. As far as musickly I think bands like Suffo, Broken Hope, Deicide, Incantation, and a hole shitload of others like Deranged and Mortician.

MR: What music styles and genres do you listen to?

BB: I don’t listen to anything that isn’t brutal. All other shit suxx to me. As far as the other sickos, they like brutal shit too. We would never incorporate any gayness into our material.

MR: Describe two of your favorite songs and stuff. What should fans listen for, etc…

BB: Good question? I’ll come back to that one after I hit this bowl. Ok, my 2 favorite tunes are ‘Repulsive Genital Disfigurement’ and ‘Fermenting Vaginal Excrements’. ‘Repulsive…’ rules cause it’s about tearing up that vagina. Haha. Plus the riffs on it are very crushing and the leads definatly are the icing on the cake. ‘Fermenting’ rules ’cause it’s about eating snapper. All out brutality on that one. Fuckin blast!

MR: What do you think of the underground metal scene? How do you think it has changed?

BB: The scene in general is great I think. Everyone craves brutality. A lot of bands break up, but new brutal talent always emerges. The scene will never die.

MR: What’s the scene like in Ohio/Cleveland nowadays?

BB: The local scene is totally lacking brutal bands. There is a lot of bands but they just aren’t brutal. The turnout at shows has picked up a lot I think. More brutality…

MR: What are your current goals for the Nation?

BB: We just want to play shows everywhere, support the new disc, and fuck whores in the ass. We also plan to go to Europe this summer to crush over there.

MR: when can your next release be expected?

BB: We have no idea really. I think we will put out a seven inch next. Probably a split with some other sick ass band. As far as a new cd, who  knows.

MR: What was the response like to your demo release? To the first CD?

BB: The response for the demo was really good, but ‘Tales..’ is receiving an amazing response in the underground. The reviews and sales have been killer. We couldn’t be happier.

MR: What do you think of the Internet?

BB: The internet is great. Especially if your into sick porn. Plus, the net is also cool to email people and shit. I do think the internet is over rated. Not everyone is online. Only a small percentage I think. (02/2000 : 37.5% of all households in the US have Internet access – 80 million households! Get online if you’re not. – ed.)

MR: What can fans look forward to seeing live?

BB: They can expect to be crushed. We definatly like to go sick live! We also like to offend the weak. Come to the show and get crushed.

MR: Any funny or horror stories?

BB: If you want some real whore stories you gotta talk to Ben. We have a shitload of silly ass stories.

MR: Is song or lyric writing collaborative?

BB: All the lyrics are written by Ben except for 1 or 2 lines by the Graveyard. We all come up with song titles but Ben is the sick pervert behind the lyrics.

MR: Where and how did you get your band name?

BB: I think Ben came up with the name. I guess it describes our sound or something.

MR: Do you find it hard coming up with original material?

BB: Yes we do. We are extremely picky and we scrap almost everything. But you have to be that way.

MR: Is anyone in Regurgitation involved in any other bands or projects?

BB: No. We all just jam in the Nation. Except for the mystery band. But nobody knows about that. It’s a secret.

MR: Talk about Ablated a bit, and your involvement with setting up the Ohio Deathfest. How does this tie into your goals for the band?

BB: I could talk about Ablated all day long but I won’t. The Deathfest is the most brutal party of the year! 26 of the most brutal bands in the scene. It ties in with the band because we like to play shows with brutal bands and we like to party.

MR: What is the funniest thing you have seen lately?

BB: The funniest thing I’ve seen lately is the mutant creatures head protruding out a chicks asshole. Haha.

MR: If you could tour with with any 4 other bands, who would they be?

BB: They would be Lividity, Cephalic Carnage, Mortal Decay, Deranged.

MR: What do you feel Regurgitation brings to the scene?

BB: We bring pure necrotic sickness to the scene. We also stay very dedicated to the scene and work very hard to promote brutality. We also bring good weed too.

MR: What kind of musical direction can we expect from you guys in the future?

BB: Our newer stuff will be even more intense than ever. We always want to get more brutal each release. No gayness here.

MR: I know you guys are on Ablated Records. What are you guys looking for in a label? Is Ablated filling these needs?

BB: Were very happy on Ablated. I run the label so of course it’s cool. I signed Regurgitation before I joined the band. Not many people know that.

MR: Any parting words for the masses?

BB: Come to they shows and support sickness.