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Monthly Archives: May 2001

Dimmu Borgir, The Haunted, Cannibal Corpse
Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH; May 2001

We both managed to have a severe cold, starting and ending on the same day, which made us fairly to very miserable for the duration of this day and show. I knew I should not have attended but the bill [and price of $ 0] was too good to pass up…

Lamb of God played a high energy opening set to a lackluster Cleveland crowd. *sigh* Closed minded people here.

I don’t remember much about The Haunted except that their set was melodic rock-metal, but far heavier than Amorphis, and very long.

I remember Dimmu kicking very serious ass… playing a tight set with songs from all of their releases. Lots of evil. Shagrath had been catching hell from the 13 year old homophobes on the metal boards and chats but that leather skirt (hardly a skirt, it was floor length!) looked great!

I don’t know how Corpse was because I left the show before they played. The cold caused me to become very ill and I just couldn’t stick around any longer. I also missed an interview for Witchery and The Haunted because of this. *sigh*

The pictures can speak for themselves!