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Monthly Archives: July 2001

Sabbatic Feast, Pyaemia, Deeds of Flesh, Monstrosity
Lorain, OH – 7/31 and 8/01, 2001

July 31: The Show and a Brief Afterparty

The show was a lot of fun. Cleveland showed it’s characteristic piss-poor draw for this bill .. for some reason, some people still think we have a “scene”, but the very slim draw at all shows except maybe 2-3 per year, will tell the real story. Fans are getting super selective and if it’s not totally the latest craze (like Black Metal was, 2 years ago), they’re simply not going to show up. That’s very nonsupportive of them .. as one of the maybe 30 paid admissions to this show, I can tell you .. it was so well worth the money!

I arrived at about 8:45 pm, after driving a solid 80 minutes through construction. I walked in the door to see Monstrosity’s soundcheck. They sounded almost like “on CD” .. it was a teaser for what was yet to come.

I then met Ian Ockerman, from the Relapse message board (I can swear he does some sort of ‘zine or something too but I forget!) .. so I talked to Ian and waited for the show to start ..

Sabbatic Feast, from Louisiana, finally took the stage. They put enough effort into their set to put up the banner even! It was not treated “like a practice” which was cool. They sounded kind of like an off-time and mutated Dying Fetus .. kinda grindy and technical. Super fast, and unfortunately kind of muddy.

Pyaemia, from Holland, land of Severe Torture, was a fast, grind-ish gore? type band. (The album is called ‘Cerebral Cereal’ if that’s a clue)

Likewise, they put up their banner and put a ton of energy into their set. Despite their drummer having a cold, they still managed to blaze ahead at some insane speed. They were a bit more listenable (something I could “understand” musically, a bit better?) A highlight of their set, was that their guitarist/vocalist broke a string, and ended up playing two other guitars during the remainder. That’s why in the pictures, you see him with a black, dark green, and then light green axe.

Deeds of Flesh was actually pretty good .. they usually don’t do well in Cleveland, sound-wise, but this time I could actually hear what they were playing. It didn’t sound like a jumble of blasts and growls thrown together. Not displeasing.

Finally, what I’d been waiting for! Of course Monstrosity scorched. They have a new vocalist, who’s name is Sam. Jason Avery has departed, thus closing a chapter in Monstrosity’s history. The bassist from the last tour, Mike, was still in the band. The new line-up seemed solid, although Sam drew fire for “missing cues”, although I didn’t hear that. The live performance was 110% energy and that was good enough. The set was about 50 minutes – maybe 8 songs or so – each one performed to my ear, very well. The overall volume of the band kept fading in and out, which is a venue problem, not a band problem. That was a lttle odd, but not so bad to cause displeasure. With the well-done cover of ‘Angel of Death’, they closed the night.

The highlight of the evening? It was Tony’s 25th birthday. He got confetti poured on his head by Lee. The guys in Deeds were hell-bent on getting him “drunk, stoned, and fucked”, but luckily he and his his bandmates left for Canada directly after the show, thus somewhat sparing him .. he did manage to down “between 15 and 18 shots of tequila” and get to the staggering and red-eyed stage ..

After the show, the party relocated to Lakewood. I arrived at about 2:30 am .. and at about 4:30, the party began to wind down. We ended up watching my Vital Remains video which is killer. Nothing like metal, and then more metal .. that was the end of the party for me! I got home at 6:20 am ..

Day Two: Afterparty

Just a metal gathering!

Highlights: Frank, the bassist for Pyaemia, doing “windmills” with some guy’s guitar .. a backrub orgy (between myself and the other girl that was there, I think we managed to give backrubs to 8 guys) .. listening to EyeGouger, probably the first “airing” of the CD in public since what, 1995? .. and the quintissential sitting around watching all the guys get blasted, because they know they’re on the road and have nothing but liver cells and time to kill!

All in all, quite fun. All air conditioned, too. Beats the summer heat! 8 hours of partying. Totally metal too ..