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Morgue, Neuraxis, Cephalic Carnage
Cleveland, OH. Friday the 13th of July, 2001

The venue, which shall remain nameless, did not allow Manticore to don their spikes, so they told the club owner to shove the time slot up his ass and refused to play. Wise move on their uncompromising part, although it was a big disappointment. I [Melanie] attended mostly to see the promised bloody mess on the bodies of Manticore members… it was not to be.

Morgue’s sound was awful – noisy, muddy, distorted, all one super fast pace. A few of their “good parts” trickled through the mix, but for the most part they were better watched with one’s ears plugged. It’s not because Morgue is bad .. it’s because the sound at the venue was bad. I think they played some new material too. I couldn’t “get into it” due to the sound, but I did watch the entire set. The crowd up front appeared to enjoy them.

Morgue have since committed career musical suicide by moving from France to Ohio.

Neuraxis, from the Great White North [Canada], in their first Ohio appearance, played an approximately 40 minute set which covered all of their releases, including the 1997 demo ‘Imagery’ which I loved and still own. The song dedicated to me (unexpectedly! In Ohio! *gasp*) ‘Hole Through Your Soul’, was from this demo and was one of my favorites .. Anyway, I thought Impaled were the kings of stage antics and presence until I saw Neuraxis. Band members slammed into eachother, jumped around like crazed maniacs, windmilled hair all over the place, got in the crowd’s faces, injured one another, and managed to play a set as tight as the sets of that old Baltimore band I liked so much (you know who). No excessive slop, no sound problems, and no putzing around .. Neuraxis killed. I was right up front, watching the band play their fucking guts out in a 110% high energy set. They were definetly the highlight of the evening. After the Neuraxis set, Steven picked me up and shook me in a circle until I howled at the top of my lungs (it HURT!) .. The tour must be somewhat of a success for them because they had sold out of all their CDs they had brought with them ..

Cephalic Carnage got the “last spot” [“headlining”] of the evening. They played their own breed of music late and last. If you like the band you’ll like them live… a very energetic set. They even included everyone’s favorite (and what needs to become Jo’s anthem), ‘Shut Up’. I don’t know if their sound was deliberately that fuzzy and distorted, but I could barely make a single note out of the mix except during a trippy Grateful Dead-ish ‘ode to pot smoking # 1000’ song (I don’t remember the title). They were funny onstage, entertaining the crowd with little “stories” about the songs. They also played a cover song or 2. The crowd really got into Cephalic Carnage though, and whipped up several evil mosh pits. Their showing was good, if not the sound. (The sound guy apparently walked out after Neuraxis and left Cephalic to “wing it” on their own, how idiotic!)

Then to the infamous party, after an interminable load-out.. there were actually two parties. The first was brief, and held at Extreme Musick, a local metal cd’s and gear sales establishment. Attendance was limited to about 20 people, about 15 of which were in various bands. We spent the majority of the time sitting against a wall, talking about the night [past and future] and the sets. The second party was the all-nighter at the Necrosis Mag. HQ. And nothing happened besides watching Evil Dead II, so don’t get your hopes up.

What a kickass night, and a good way to spend Friday the 13th.

There are only a few more dates on this tour, so if you’re one of the lucky city-dwellers, check this bill out!!

– Necrosis Staff