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This is the official archive blog for Necrosis Magazine, a heavy metal e-zine which published between roughly 1996 and 2002. I (Melanie, publisher of the mag.) run this blog. This is OLD content, presented here for your musical amusement.

As I remember, in about 1996 (I’d have been 20-21), a friend of mine suggested that I start a metal magazine, because I was friends with a bunch of guys in regional bands, and loved to write. I started it as a paper-and-photocopy version while I was at Ohio State U. I was typing up the articles on a bonafide typewriter after I transcribed them by hand from minicassette. My crazy ex-boyfriend ripped up the paper copy. He was summarily thrown out of my apartement (literally) after he assaulted one of my friends who was coming over to visit. Necrosis, the electronic metal rag, was born.

Enlisting the help of my best friend (who is prettier then I am), I started to work harder, and harder, and harder on this… First it was just a few interviews with regional bands. Then it started to grow to encompass nationals. Many interviews were done in-person; those that weren’t are very boring – by design – we wanted them to be fast and free promotion for the artists. :) Finally with Yahoo’s BCC feature (or through AOL’s Unholy Metal chat room) and a few ‘metal spam lists’ gleaned from PR or record label people, international bands not touring at the time were gleaned.

We enjoyed some success, but since I was negative and gossippy and I’d been raised without empathy, the haters started to hate, and the interviews started to get boring. Stress and tension began to mount. Rumors began to fly. I remember that I got in to a fight with my co-publisher, Jo, about $2 of gas money one time. The times were very difficult – I was nearly getting kicked out of my house, my boyfriend was getting in to metalcore and was sick of deathmetal, I was trying to balance an IT/web consultant job and my new ‘online auction maven’ reseller job, migraines – triggered partially by loud concerts and smoke – were beginning to kill me, my car and my cat were unwell, etc. Necrosis died silently, shortly thereafter.

Many of these bands are now quite famous or legendary. It was great fun while it lasted – some of my entire life’s high points are wrapped up in events around Necrosis.

Please enjoy this snapshot in time!



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